Facilities Offered from Reputed Company Ahern & Associates

Ahern & Associates is a prominent trucking management Consultation Company in North America. The trained professionals in this company are specialized in this field. The wide range of services that are provided by them since the year of 1987, are as follows.

  • Creation of new capital

In the context of this field, Ahern has some definite transport investors who would be able to supply funds to companies in trucking industry for a short term. Ahern deals with the individuals on a regular basis. The customers will be assisted to get introduced with the trucking industries whose profiles match with their targets.

  • Operational Review

All of the transportation experts are very experienced and as a result, they can easily identify and make out all the probable savings of time as well as money and also chances for profits with the development of capital. They are also specialized in industries having bankruptcy security from creditors. During an initial part of any review, Ahern can dispatch processes, advertising, sales traffic tracks, computer in use, protection, etc. In addition, they also will evaluate operational as well as statistical information such as loads on every week, earnings per load and per mile, Driver pay scale, growth strategies and many more.

In case of transportation industries that possess company fleets, Ahern provides an all-inclusive review of the accessible maintenance plans. For customers, who are threatened with intense confiscatory actions by some crucial creditors as well as lenders, Andy Ahern has been really successful in making particular doomsday adjustments that offer up to 45 to 60 day window of reorganization opportunity. All charges are quoted on the basis of a flat charge, including the performance provisions.


  • Restructuring

Ahern has arranged a customized reorganization scheme to keep away from the bankruptcy’s way. Some of the plan comprises some basic elements, for example, a 45-day window where cash outflow is stopped, significant personnel changes are started, and the running processes are directed to decrease the costs.

  • Bankruptcy

If bankruptcy is not possible to be kept away, Andy Ahern presents systems to pre-package the dealings, in order that a client will be able to attain operational and economic health. This company works straight with its customers’ official and accounting firms to make certain that the trucking industry is able to exit.

  • Management takeover

If there is an absence of generation to succeed to a company or no acceptable exterior Buyer, who is accessible, Ahern has a scheme to carry on the company with a sale to administration or an employee team.

  • Cost Analysis

Ahern has created a unique software package, which can produce an operating ratio for every truck shipping, whether it is truckload or not. The program assigns total charge, including direct, indirect, organizational, and overhead for all shipment, or any business that you consider.

As a prominent transportation management consulting business, Ahern & Associates has enduring and significant expertise in assessing the trucking firm. Whether the client desires a successor planning or he needs a true examination of the actual net value of his trucking corporation, Andy Ahern , the man behind Ahern & Associates can offer full service. They would do the reviews on the basis of their personal experience about the selling costs of several trucking firms which are accessible to lawyers, accountants and IRS.