How to Use an Android App to Find Property Agents? has created an Android property finderapp which has brought its presence of the mobile platform. This app has been designed for mobiles and therefore enables the users to search for properties while on the move. Efforts have been made to keep things simple and technology has been utilized to simplify the search process.

The positive part about the app is that it does not offer everything that its parent portal does. Given the visual interface restrictions on the mobile, availability of all the services will not offer good usage experience. Additionally, not all services available on the website can be effectively optimized for the mobile platform. The main reason is that most of these services offer a visual perspective and the small size of android devices curtail them.

Apart from the search of homes, has ensured that the users can also search for property agents on the Android platform.

The Search for a Property Agent

Assume that a person plans to buy house in Chennai. In the home purchase process, this individual plans to seek assistance of a property agent who would not only work on his behalf but also would assist him with completion of formalities that are mandatory for the purchase process.

This person can use the property search app to effectively search for flats in Chennai along with property agents also. The first option of the app interface allows a person to choose the locality to search properties in. One has to select the city and then the locality of interest from a drop down list.

The next page requires a user to choose the kind of property he/she seeks. But there are tables available on this same page which is marked ‘Buy’, ‘Rent’, ‘PG’ and ‘Agent’. One has to tap on the tab marked ‘Agent’ to seek property agents.


Optimizing Screen Space

The search results are displayed on a map but if a person chooses, they can be viewed in a list format as well. has used an interesting algorithm here to simplify the search results on the map. The number of agents usually is humungous in any big city and exhibiting all of them on the mobile screen would make it cluttered. Therefore this algorithm displays clusters of agents in different localities instead of displaying them all of them together.

If a person taps on an icon, then the screen zooms into the area and one can see the individual agents represented by icons. When one clicks the icon, the agent details are displayed on the screen.

These details give the name, contact details, experience along with the properties which the agent is responsible for. verifies the agents just the way it verifies properties. The representatives of the portal visit the agents to verify their credentials. This is why the agents listed on the portal and app come with a “Verified” tag.

A user can call the agent using this app or shortlist them for later consultation. Alternatively, they can click on the property listings on the agent page to know more about the properties under their charge. Hence additional housing options automatically become available while searching for property agents.

In Conclusion

The Android app of allows searching for all forms of properties as well as property agents. The search process is simple and easy to use on the Android app.