The pros and cons of science

When we talk of this new century it has both positive and the negative aspects. It is not wrong to say that that these qualities differ from person to person. Some people like to see the dark sides of the things while others like to see the bright side of the things. In common language we call these people as optimistic and pessimistic.

Science is a study of all things happening around us. It is based on facts and figures and has thousands of disciplines. Today we are at the peak of technological advancements but do these advancements have really helped us in achieving our goal or they have pushed us backward on the basis of ethics. Every scientific invention and discovery has two aspects. In one aspect it is beneficial for the masses but on the other hand it is also detrimental or sometime it may be lethal.

Let’s take the example of nuclear energy. This nuclear energy is responsible for generating hundreds and thousands of watts of energy at a very low cost. It can also act as a fuel in many submarines and other electronic vehicles which reduces the dependency on the fuel. But on the other hand it is the same nuclear energy that leads to the destruction of hundreds and thousands of the people when atom bomb was dropped on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.


YouTube is also the invention of these scientific advancements. The role that YouTube is playing in our society is also being faced by many critics. Some people say that you tube is helping masses in their study. Through this platform they are responsible to watch hundreds of documentaries, case studies and other presentations.

Girls can really take advantage of you tube as it really helps them in their most of things like cooking, dressing, styling and grooming. But there are many other people too who thinks that you tube should not be allowed to access just because of the reason that it is supplied with many videos that are not ethically right. So in their opinion it should be banned. Well it is all dependent upon our thinking that how we perceive things and how we analyze them in our brains.

You tube should be used for the good purposes but many students and scholars feels difficulty in downloading videos and converting them but now they can convert all the videos by using the software This software is totally free to use.