Managing Your Online Reputation

When most people think of online reputations they usually think this pertains only to big businesses, brands, and famous people. However, this is not the case, having a good online reputation is important for all business owners no matter what the size and even for individuals as well.  Applying for a job, the HR executive will look you up.

Trying to get into college, you know the admission officer is getting information online.  Trying to do business with someone else – always information to be found online.  Think about online dating – you now you are not going to get that date if you find negative information online about you. The internet can make or break you or your company’s name, and times are not like they use to be in the way of advertising.

Businesses could simply place ads on TV or billboards and draw people in with their catchy slogans. This is not how it works anymore because more people use the internet to find out more about company’s and people before they choose to do business with them.  In fact new research shows that “79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

The last thing you want is for people to find negative reviews about your company when they do a search for it on a search engine like Google. If you searched for a business and at the top of the list were all negative reviews, what would you think? You would most likely move on and not bother with the company. We understand that things happen and no company can make every single customer happy, it’sabsolutely impossible, but we can help you fix this problem.


Some company’s and people try to manage their online reputation on their own, but it simply is too much of a daunting task to do by one person. This is especially true if you are trying to run a business, you have too much to keep up with as far as sales go and you don’t have time to manage your online reputation as well. Our company does all the hard work for you, we seek out bad and negative reviews and eliminate them from the existence on the internet.

We provide our services to anyone who needs their online reputation managed or fixed including, small and large companies, individuals, celebrities, musicians, and politicians. Not only will we take the negative reviews off the internet but we will replace them with good reviews, making your reputation better and more trusting. If you need help with managing your online reputation, why not give us a call? Your first consultation is free and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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